Leaving their worries  and tents  behind: Tami and Tom Vallee of Vallejo, Calif., walk along the river with other Rogue Wilderness Adventures hikers.

Located in Merlin Oregon is the Rogue Wilderness Adventures company which is featured in today’s travel section of USA Today. The company provides, rafting, fishing, and hiking adventures on the beautiful Rogue River. The article focuses on “hut to hut” hiking.  Here is an excerpt:

… “Hut-to-hut hiking, long a favorite among robust European travelers seeking an immersive back-to-nature experience — short of sleeping on the ground, that is — is less prevalent on this side of the Atlantic, where overnight outdoor adventures tend to teeter between extremes: hard-core wilderness backpacking and the fully wired RV park. But the experience is catching on as more tour operators and organizations offer walking itineraries between accommodations that range from rustic backcountry huts with shared facilities to deluxe inns serving gourmet fare.

Brad Niva, owner of Rogue Wilderness Adventures, operator of this raft-supported hike, chalks up the popularity to a glut of active Baby Boomers whose roughing-it years are behind them.

“People want to feel like they’re getting out of the hubbub. But they don’t want to sleep in a tent and eat freeze-dried food,” says Niva. “On this trip, you can bring the kitchen sink — or a case of wine. We’ll carry it down the river for you.”

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