And so it is, in this little American town of 30,000 people located in southern Oregon, 30, yes THIRTY, demonstrators of the Occupy Wall Street movement capture the FRONT page of our local 12 page (Section A) newspaper. So, if my math is correct 0.10% ( ZERO POINT ONE) grabbed media attention. For what?

By this standard, every grievance of a small portion of the population would require the Grants Pass Daily Courier newspaper to expand, many fold, beyond its current 12 pages.  The problem of course is that few read the paper in the first place and it is but one example of why the “media” is held in such contempt.

Obviously, there is a media agenda (liberal, communist, socialist?). How else can this be explained?

A sign in the photo below reads, “Corporations Are not People”.  Last time I checked those corporations weren’t some robots from outer space.  They were people who invested money to provide a product or service, employed people, paid taxes, and contributed far more to the society as a whole, then the poster-carrying-nuts that comprise ZERO POINT ONE percent of this community.

“As cars passed the Josephine County Courthouse in downtown Grants Pass on Thursday, Dr. Elbert Collins stood in the bed of a pickup truck and held a sign that read, “Corporations are killing democracy.”

The Grants Pass resident is part of a national movement to air grievances, disappointment and disgust with a system they believe has forgotten humanity.

“There is a lot of angst all over the county,” Collins said.

More than 30 area residents, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that began in September in protest of a financial system protesters believe nurtures corporate greed and fosters social and economic inequality, decided to Occupy Grants Pass.

They held signs with slogans such as, “Fund people and not banks” and “Corporations are not people. They don’t have hearts and never die.”

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