Finding out where your ancestral history lies

A lot of who we are is shaped by our past and this can be the way in which we were educated as well as our family background. But, it is thought that this travels further back than you might initially think. Our ancestral past can have a bearing on our physical wellbeing and the ways in which we conduct ourselves and the patterns that we display in our lives. For some people, this sparks an interest in genealogical research.

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This is often the case for those people who have moved into Park Homes Gloucestershire way such as the ones from Park Home Life who have more time to dedicate to this research, following on from their retirement. It can be an incredibly interesting journey to take and there are some great websites that can help you to discover where your ancestral history lies, these are both free and paid for subscription sites.

If you are interested in genealogy here are a few tips to get started.

  • Relatives – first write down all the relatives that you can remember and how they link to one another. This could be by writing them down in a list or a better way may be to draw out a basic family tree so you can draw the links with other family members. If you can remember any key dates such as birthdays, weddings, and dates of death you should also note these down.

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  • Distant relatives – once you have exhausted all those relatives that you can remember you will want to start using some of the free and subscription sites to research your family history further. Take the most distant relative that you have a recollection of and information for and put them into the websites to see what information you can find.
  • Be organized – Being organized is incredibly important when it comes to researching your family tree as you can often find that you are led down paths that result in more confusion than answers.

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