6 classic hat styles that everyone should be familiar with

6 classic hat styles that everyone should be familiar with


Fedoras have an interesting story: back in the 19th century, they were commonly worn by women activists in the fight for gender equality, thus the hat becoming a symbol of that time. They were remodeled as a man’s accessory almost a century later, after being popularized by Prince Edward in 1924. Today, this soft-brimmed hat is undeniably one of the classiest and most recognizable headpieces, often portrayed in movies about gangsters like Casablanca, or adventurers, such as the Indiana Jones franchise.

Irish flat cap

Despite their modest beginnings as part of the working class’s uniform, Irish flat caps have become very popular in recent years, with many celebrities and movie characters wearing them.  They are usually made of tweed, wool, or cotton and are lined for more comfort, warmth, and support.  These caps can be worn with a casual, formal, or even a vintage-inspired outfit style. If you are looking for an Irish flat cap, go to online caps stores as https://www.exclusivelyirish.com/product-category/mens/irish-flat-caps/  for the high-quality, wool made, fashionable pieces that would fit you perfectly and would be the head-turning element of your look.


A less formal hat is best suited for a casual autumn or winter outfit when you want to look stylish while keeping warm.  These days they are often associated with the hipster subculture, but they can be pulled off by anyone, regardless of their personal style.  A beanie not only protects you from the cold but also makes you look stylish and different: just look at Jean Reno’s super charismatic character in Léon: The Professional.

Bucket hat

What was once the headwear of a poor Irish fisherman is now one of the most popular hats among both fashionistas and casual wearers. This year, bucket hats have been presented on the fashion catwalks, for the most part as a result of the renaissance of 1990s style trends and various subcultures, such as grunge and street style. These hats are not only fashionable and can be worn by both men and women, but they also provide great sun protection, which makes them an excellent choice during the summer.

Baseball cap

As the name implies, this cap was once worn as part of the baseball team’s uniform, usually displaying the logo, mascot, or team’s initial on the front.  During their evolution over time, they were worn not only by the baseball players, but even by the police and the military in many countries like the United States, Finland, Slovenia, and Turkey. These days, baseball caps are often paired with casual outfits, usually related to the streetwear world.


Last but not least, a beret is a classic headpiece that both men and women prefer. It has humble beginnings, like many other hats, but has changed over the years into a sophisticated item associated with French life, artists, and people of culture.  Whether you live in Paris or you just want to immerse yourself in the French style, a beret is always a sign of manners.

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