Summer Fashion Trends For Men

Summer Fashion Trends For Men

Summer is here and it’s time to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine. There’s no better way to do that than in the latest styles and fashions that are hitting the runways and the shopping malls. This season it’s all about selecting key items and wearing them with confidence.

The Shorts

Summer wouldn’t be summer without wearing shorts. This year, the chino shorts are the way to go with their more tailored look. For many years, these have been seen on college-going guys in a range of pastel greens, blues, yellows, and even pinks. These colors are no longer all the rage. Instead, try a pair in black or navy for a more serious look. Khaki is also a good look that’s neutral and will go with just about anything.

If you want something a bit more comfortable and casual, athletic shorts are also being worn as social attire (women aren’t the only ones who can go for brunch in athleisure wear). When looking for the right pair for you, don’t go too baggy or too long. You want to still see your form and just above the knees is as far as you should go in length. It’s also best to stick to plain, dark colors.

The Tops

Nautical is a big look this summer. Horizontally striped T-shirts and pullovers are a must-have. You can go for thin stripes or thick ones, and navy and white are the most impactful – and easy to pair with your neutral shorts. You can also stick to this theme in polo shirts and full button-ups.

The most important thing to consider is no big graphics or pictures. Ironic graphic Tees or funny slogans and jokes are not part of the look this summer. If you don’t like nautical stripes, then rather stick to plain colors on top. If you’re feeling really bold and this is your personal style preference, you can play a bit with patterns for a more interesting look.

The Jackets

Utility jackets have been very big for men in the last few years. This season, the designers have started moving away from the military jacket and the safari jacket, and are finding a look that is a lot more casual but still with that utility edge to it. Think edgy apocalypse in the look – useful pockets, camouflage colors, and a more distressed look to the cut and the fabric.

Sloping shoulders and a straight up and down body define the overall shape. The jackets have a simple collar and basic buttons up the front. The pockets are general patch pockets with flaps over the top – all in the same color and fabric as the jacket. You can go for a lightweight canvas or heavier leather for your jacket.

The Shoes

The vans style sneaker is the quintessential shoe for this summer, whether out and about or just lazing around playing the best promo games. Stick to black and white in your color scheme and these

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