Why men’s fashion has smartened up its act

Why men’s fashion has smartened up its act

Cool street brands specializing in men’s fashion have been introducing smart, tailored pieces into their collections, with fashion-conscious males embracing the look.

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Improved sales

Suits make a refreshing change from the sportswear image that has been filling the social media feeds over recent years. Retailers have taken notice of the current trend, with high street sales enjoying a 30 percent rise in suit sales over the past year.

The classic men’s suit has been around for centuries. It has seen many changes in style over the years and is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. This is being put down to millennials in the workplace looking for appropriate smart/casual office wear.

Recent years have seen the male fashion market flooded with fashion trainers, leisure and sportswear; however, there has recently been a shift and it seems that casual streetwear has reached its peak and the new hot look is for outfits such as mens Farah shirts worn with a suit. Whether the comeback of the mullet hairstyle will be quite as successful is yet to be seen.

Many fashion-conscious men are still opting for a suit; however, it is what they are wearing with it that has changed. Many are now ditching the tie and are wearing collarless Farah shirts or plain T-shirts instead. Wearing chinos with a blazer is also becoming increasingly popular, with separates in classic colors and styles giving men the opportunity to look individual and on-trend.

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Anything goes

In today’s fashion world, suits can be worn with trainers and even shorts; in fact, it is this versatility that is making them so popular. Men are becoming more confident in making a statement with their fashion choices and many believe a suit sends out a clear positive message about the wearer. The biggest growth area seems to be amongst men who do not have to wear a suit for work but choose to do so and who enjoy the challenge or pairing it with casual shoes, tops, and accessories.

From suit separates to slim-fitted and oversized tailoring, anything goes. Some male celebrities have even been spotted wearing a blazer over a bare chest. It has also been reported that some university students are attending lectures in suits simply because they are both comfortable and their choice of fashion.


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