A Behind the scenes look at the F1 development race

A Behind the scenes look at the F1 development race

One of the most exciting things about F1 is the development race behind the scenes, which means that predicting the winner of the next race is becoming more and more difficult.

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For years, the sport has been used to showcase the latest developments in car design and engine technology, so the backroom teams have had to be on their toes. In recent years, rule changes aimed at ensuring a level playing field for competition on the track have meant that designers and engineers are working within strict parameters.  One thing they have got is Fleet Vehicle Tracking which can be sourced from companies like Vehicle Accessories, in every car so they can look at the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency and it stops any chance of the cars going missing.

Research and development

The technical jargon employed can be mind-boggling, but useful descriptions and definitions of the terms can be found at the F1 site.

The research and development tweaks that the teams put in place have seen some remarkable turnarounds in team form this season. One example was Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton pulling off an easy win in Spain following from the race in Azerbaijan where he considered himself lucky to clinch the chequered flag.

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All this means fans are being treated to an exciting season.
Every team must review its performance after every race, and engineers look over the data the car has produced. Their job is complicated by the different demands the venues create for the cars. Some of the requirements conflict with one another and difficult choices must be made.


Sometimes teams may have to write off realistic chances of victory to gain long-term consistency. The recent Monaco GP turned into even more of a procession than usual and was described as boring by Hamilton.

By having an overview of the season and the differing challenges, the teams aim to ensure their changes to the car provide benefits over the whole series of races while realizing that some tracks will simply not suit their set-ups.

The beginning of the season in Asia normally sees teams examining how their new cars are performing, but when the European leg begins in Spain, testing opportunities and the new data available allow teams to tinker with aerodynamics and updates for the car.

Continuous innovation is essential to move the teams forward, and the time pressures on the teams are intense.

There are sure to be more surprises in this race as the season continues.

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