How wrestling drills can be good for contact sports

How wrestling drills can be good for contact sports

Did you know that in any one game of rugby union, there can be as many as 250 different contact situations? Each of these make up the game’s overall strategy and are the key to a team’s success. Here is a quick look at the importance of wrestling drills in achieving this.

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Keep moving

Put simply, rugby is a contact sport that is all about momentum, mass and velocity. Rugby drills allow players the ability to develop their skills to be as effective as they can be on the field. It’s more about skill than strength; combine the two and the result is power!

Prepare to win

Interestingly, these skills have traditionally taken a back seat in training. However, research has shown that learning the discipline of wrestling can be supremely effective on the field. Its core principles of stance, balance and leverage can be directly applied in game situations for the benefit of the team.

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Time management

However, the downside to this is that players, particularly professional ones, simply do not have the time to attend sessions devoted to wrestling. Lasting up to two hours, another layer of gruelling physical workouts is often a no-go for those who are already rugby training for hours a day.

That’s where videos come into their own, allowing players to watch and learn various drills at their own pace. There are many different varieties to choose from, so take some time to find which ones suit you and your playing style best. For a starter for ten, check out

Train to achieve

Some of the best drills are those that pose a very low risk of injury. Wrestling skills can be transferable to ball holding and jackling and they are also vital in keeping the body stable and therefore not exposing any weak points – whether it’s in jackling, tackling or mauling – to the opposition. Indeed, the fundamentals of wrestling serve the game very well. When combined with gymnastic movements such as handstands, cartwheels and rolls, players develop a firm understanding and a skill set related to the manipulation of their bodies in a host of situations such as tackles, mauls and rucks. The result? An experienced, professional, body- and game-aware side that is set for success!


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