The Benefits Of Hosting Your Own Website

The Benefits Of Hosting Your Own Website

Before the rise of the modern internet, one of the few ways of discovering a new business would be to go out to the local mall or shopping center and browse around to see what was available. By the time that the late 1990s came around, this began to change as more and more companies around the world began to use the internet as their new means of reaching their customers with products and services.

Today, websites are considered the storefronts of the modern age, giving potential customers the chance to see what kind of goods and services they can purchase, as well as a means to reach out to customer support. Maintaining a website is vital to the success of a business being run in the 21st century. And while it might be appealing to hire a 3rd party website design service for your service, here we will look at some of the benefits of instead opting to host and maintain your own website.

It’s Significantly Cheaper

If you’re running a business and want to start a website, there are two main ways you can go about it: the first is contacting a 3rd party service to design, maintain and update the site for you, and the second is simply doing it all on your own.

The former option can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to designing a website from scratch, where it can sometimes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. After that, any design changes or updates will need to be implemented by them, and it can become expensive quickly.

Thanks to excellent platforms like WordPress, all you will really need to pay for is the actual server space where your website will sit, and the rest can be done easily and quickly with minimal effort and minimal costs.

Monitoring The Website

WordPress is one of the largest website design services in the world, and they provide a huge range of different tools that allow a business or individual to change, update, and monitor their website. These tools can be extremely useful for a business that is trying to optimize its website and generate as much traffic as it possibly can.

Services like WordPress even offer apps that can be downloaded and used not just to monitor the website, but to make changes and upload content on the go, making it easier than ever to do at home when you’re not busy checking out the newest rush games casino.

Flawless Social Media Integration

Anyone that has had their website hosted from a 3rd party service will know that unless you’re paying top dollar, getting them to fully integrate your social media pages into your website can be something of a mission. Hosting on your own terms using the tools that are available allows you not just to add links, but to provide updates and uploads across all platforms with the click of a single button.

On top of that, you’re able to embed interactive maps, giving visitors the ability to find exactly where your business is located. There are many other tools and add-ons available focused on bridging the gap between websites and social media platforms.

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