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10 autumn present ideas for people who have everything

We all have that one friend who nobody knows what to get, simply because he has it all and he always insists that he doesn’t need anything. This can be frustrating at times, especially around the holiday season, when you want to make a thoughtful present but are not sure what exactly would make them feel appreciated. If this is the case for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 autumn present ideas for those who have everything to make your life easier this fall:

Home-made cookies

We’ve all heard that the best presents are the ones that you make yourself. A box of homemade cookies is a lovely gift for someone who doesn’t need anything or for whom you don’t know what to get them. You can bake your family’s favorite recipe or search for one online, then top them with sprinkles and decorate according to your taste or the holiday theme. However, keep in mind the recipient’s dietary restrictions; for example, if they are allergic to gluten, bake the cookies with almond flour.

A collection of bath bombs

Autumn is the ideal time to relax in a hot, aromatic bath with lots of bombs, salts, and oils. Bath bombs are a great gift for anyone because they come in a variety of fragrances and sizes and help you relax after a long day. You may get simple round ones or ones that are created for certain occasions, such as ones shaped like ghosts or pumpkins for Halloween.

A warm sweater

A cozy sweater is essential for the cold season, be it an ugly Christmas jumper or a trendy cable knit Irish sweater. This present will keep your loved ones warm and snug, and they will be sure to remember you during the chilly autumn nights. If you’re not sure where you can find one that will match your friend’s style, go to Tara Irish Clothing to find classic and elegant Irish sweaters that will fit everyone.

A photo session

An original present that is excellent for everyone, a photo session is sure to surprise a person who states that they don’t want anything for the holidays. Whether you are a professional photographer or you just want to hire one, the photographs will undoubtedly be memorable and significant to your loved ones. This present is especially suitable for newlyweds, pregnant ladies, people who just had a baby, or any other person who has just experienced an important life event.

String lights

String lights are best suited for autumn because they add an additional source of lighting to one’s home, making it appear brighter and cozier. They come in a range of colors and designs; for example, if you want to help your friend decorate his home for October, you can purchase one in the shape of bats, Jack-o-lanterns, or even skeletons, otherwise, you can get plain white ones that can be used all year, for both Christmas and a birthday in summer.

A set of reusable straws

Reusable straws are something that one might not consider buying for himself but would love to receive as a present. They come in different sizes and materials, such as glass or metal, and they usually have a special brush for cleaning that comes with the set. This gift idea is appropriate for an eco-activist or just someone who cares about the environment and would like to minimize their waste production.

A gift card to a quest

Quests are excellent gifts for a family or a group of friends since they are original and entertaining. Get your friend an invitation to a mystery or detective quest if he is interested in true crimes, and an exploration quest if he enjoys adventures and would want to go there with his family. This gift will definitely give everyone unforgettable experiences and it will be a fun way to spend time together.

Wireless charger

A wireless charger is a wonderful gift idea, especially for people who work from home and want to make their workspace more aesthetic. Such a present is original and useful, it works with both Apple and Android technology and it can charge several devices at once. It’s practical, looks chic on a work desk, and makes a nice gift for someone who has everything.

An erasable note wedge set

Another present suggestion for someone who works from home or is just responsible for a lot of things and tasks. An erasable note wedge set is a wonderful addition to any working desk; it can be used for to-do lists, doodling, or positive affirmation to keep one’s spirits up during the day.

An instant photo camera

If you can afford to buy a present more on the pricey side, go for an instant photo camera. This device will help your friend capture the most precious moments with his family, friends, or loved ones. Don’t forget to also get them an extra pack of film roles and they will cherish this gift a lot.

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