The Best New Driver Tips for Getting Behind the Wheel of a Van

The Best New Driver Tips for Getting Behind the Wheel of a Van

Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle can be daunting when you are a new driver, and driving a van is no exception. It’s completely different from driving a car. A van is a lot larger and harder to handle than a car, so it’s important that health and safety remain at the forefront as you take your first tentative drive. This becomes even more important if it is a branded van for a company such as who offer Boiler Repair Gloucester way or another trade van that you are driving for work purposes.

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Driving Fundamentals

Obviously, if you are attempting to drive a van, you have passed your driving test, so essentially the driving fundamentals are there. But in order for it to feel as familiar as it does in a car, it takes practice and patience in equal measure.

Safety Checks

It goes without saying that you need to carry out the same safety checks as you would do if you were driving a car, such as a seat height and mirror position. But with a van, you may have the added worry of equipment in the back, whether this is for a job you are going to do or goods that need transporting to another locale. To ensure the safety of this equipment or goods, you may want to attach a rack to create more space in the back and reduce the danger.

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Improve Your Vantage Point

In addition to the racking, there are other accessories you can get for your van which will make it easier to drive, such as additional mirrors to give you an uninterrupted view of the surrounding roads and traffic… Once you’re comfortable and ready to go, why not get some practice in on a car park or a quiet industrial estate? That way you’ll be far more confident when you do hit the roads.


Van drivers don’t have the best of reputations, and it’s important that you step out from underneath that perception.

Size and Power

Once you get driving on the open road, you’ll notice that the size of your van and the power that it has set you apart from the majority of other drivers on the road. This is where your driving fundamentals come in: be aware, react and take extra precautions when necessary. The speeds you can reach are not as fast as a car, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on your speedometer.

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